For the female looking to bring out her inner gumption:

I am the holistic Gumptionista.

The gumptionista journey began as a resource to help female chiropractors grow into entrepreneurs.  Inspired from a lack of resources for women, by women, I recognized a need for women to effectively and successfully develop, launch and grow their businesses. Thus, The Gumption Practice was born. 


The Gumption Practice is the first online course of its kind.  It's the only chiropractic practice development online course and the only course online directed to female chiropractors.  Divided into twelve modules, The Gumption Practice course is everything I wished I knew before I started my private specialty cash practice, and everything I wish I knew as I grew along the way.  

The way of the holistic Gumptionista has grown beyond just being a resource for female chiropractors, it is now the positive motivation and support for all women entrepreneurs. After all... it takes a lot of gumption to do what we do. 

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